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This is a list of recommended authors.

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These aren't the only good authors on the EMCSA, obviously, but I have more familiarity with their work and can recommend them from personal experience. This page is for recommending authors with a body of work and not for specific stories. For specific story recommendations, check the subject recommendation pages. Downing Street Bimbo - A master of the craft and one of my all-time favorites. A class act as well, based on communications I've had with him.

This is bimbo fiction at its best, and this is the author who wrote the story that drew me in. If you enjoy bimbo fiction, you will enjoy Downing Street. Suggested story: DS has many, but start with "Bimbo Eyes.

EyeofSerpent created Corelle D'Amber and the saga of the Ancients, and this was intrigue and heat at its finest. She created other memorable characters as well. Eye was pretty much unmatched in characterization. I've rarely seen an author with the possible exception of Jukebox with Limerick's ability to pick the exact perfect word to describe something. His bimbo fiction is- along with Downing Street- probably the best in the genre.

I mention pregnancy also because his "Calving Signs" is a landmark pregnancy story that ranks with Homer Vargas' "Cutter's Creek. Every Jukebox story is an absolute clinic on story creation and writing. He does show a slight preference for FD stories, but only slight. He is- along with Lisa Teez and Kris P Kreme- among the most prolific authors on the EMCSA he has the second highest number of stories at the time of this writing, with at least fifty waiting to be posted. Grey Bimbo - Mr.

Grey is a bimbo author who ranks with Downing Street as one of the greats. Admittedly, his prose wasn't very good. However, Mr. Grey is one of the all-time great idea men for the genre. He was one of the earliest bimbo writers and his ideas and concepts remain popular even today.Acting dumb in the right way can be difficult. Mispell allows you to easily read or write like a bimbo by translating whatever text you give it to sound dumber.

How much dumber the text will sound can be adjusted with a slider, allowing you to tune the text to your preferences or stage of bimbofication. Be wary though, go too stupid and some words may be changed entirely, not to mention the poor grasp a bimbo might have on any number past Mispell is inspired by DeviantArtist MimiDumb's Bimbo at computer bimbofication guide were the idea is that reading text with various errors will put the reader in a bimbo mindset, both by slowing down reading speed and by setting up for a bimbo-like inner monologue.

Adjust how dumb the text will sound.

The lower the IQ, the more misspells and unnecessary words are added. At maximum IQ, there will be no change in the text. Press Simplify to get the bimbo reading experience: uncommon and long words will be difficult to understand.

Bimbos might have difficulty understand uncommon and long words. The new Simplify function allows you to emulate the reading experience of a bimbo by scrambling words more the longer and less common they are.

tg bimbo tf

This version brings an overhauled insertion algorithm, less generic misspellings in favour of targeted rules for specific sounds and a new number scrambling feature. Who thought bimbos could count past 10? This app is free to use for any purpose. If you have any suggestions for improvement, feel free write a comment or contact me directly. I would be especially grateful for dumber-sounding synonyms to more difficult words.

Besides use through this website, Mispell is a JS library that can allow apps or games to tweak text to conform to a dynamically chosen level of bimbofication. Mispell 1. Input Text Write or paste some text in the box below! IQ: Adjust how dumb the text will sound.Posted by docbyron on Jul 23rd, Posted by docbyron on Sep 16th, Posted by docbyron on Jul 19th, Posted by docbyron on Feb 22nd, Posted by docbyron on Sep 6th, Recent Blogs show all Story view should be way faster now.

Posted by docbyron on Jul 23rd, Viewing a single story should be fast again. There's an issue with the story view counts that was slowing the whole thing down horribly as I'm sure you noticed. Browsing should be faster. Posted by docbyron on Sep 16th, Fixed an issue that was causing story browsing to be pretty slow.

tg bimbo tf

Should be substantially faster now. This was related to why emails password reset and new registration emails weren't working for a little bit.

Should be fixed now, but let me know if you experience any issues. Posted by docbyron on Feb 22nd, Someone reported to me that McAfee sometimes shows them warnings about the Lab being suspicious. Has anyone else experienced issues with security software blocking your access to the site or displaying warnings? Posted by docbyron on Sep 6th, Hi all, I've identified the problem that's causing the "remember me" to fail for user logins. Unfortunately, it's not as simple as the expiration length of a cookie and it's going to take a little time to repair.

I'm in the process of moving right now, so I might not be able to get a final fix up for another week or so. If the fix is simpler than I'm anticipating, I might be able to have it tomorrow.Gaming is one of the best and interesting hobbies that one can have and there are quite a lot of people around the world who love to play games.

No matter if they are playing their games on their phone, computers or gaming consoles. Playing games is an interesting thing to do. Even there is quite a lot of video game developers available out there. Here, we bring the best quality of tf games that you can search online today and play completely free from your own joy.

Tg transformation story l male to female transformation l Tg tf

Forum members may add a new game, write reviews, hold contests, listings and much more. There huge database collection of the tf games have some of the famous games online, the top games are racing games, puzzle games, action games, and many more which is available to you to keep you fascinated for the whole day. Forum members may add new game listings, write reviews, hold contests, and much more.

Latest Tips Post Contents show. Game Engine: DayDreamer 34 Games. Game Engine : Game Maker 13 Games. Game Engine : Flash 30 Games. Game Engine: Java 14 Games. UF Apps Overview. Related Posts. Hermaphrodity and the Mystery of the Missing Specimens.

Blushing Defeat

Treasure of Legend Densetsu no Takara English. Escape: Swapped Dasshutsu Irekawari English. Adventures of Tara. The Hero We Need. What Happened to Me?

tg bimbo tf

The Last Sovereign. Latex Dungeon Advance.Just yesterday, you were a human male living in a modern town. Who is behind these changes, and how will you change back? Your actions will determine which faction achieves victory, and by extension, the fate of humans and hybrids alike. This game deals with mature subject matter, including erotic content such as: furry transformation, monstergirl transformation, male to female MtF gender transformation, oviposition, lactation, and much more.

As such, this text adventure game is only for adults! Ina virus was discovered that caused extensive mutagenic effects in the general population. The infection was pronounced and forever changed anyone it touched. Victims often underwent significant changes to their libido, frequently becoming sex-crazed.

In the most extreme cases, the infected lost their very humanity itself as they devolved into monstrous animal-human hybrid creatures. It was clear that dramatic steps needed to be taken to protect our way of life.

tg bimbo tf

This contagion spread like few ever had previously. With no cure in sight, the following year SkyCorp was awarded the Department of Defense contract to create a quarantine zone for the infected.

The quarantine zone was hastily constructed, and with close partnership from the National Guard, all infected were forcibly relocated. To this day, SkyCorp continues the administration of the quarantine zone. Still, occasionally a citizen will need to enter regardless. If I had two sentences to review this game and encourage others to give it a shot, it would be these two: I used to be quite disinterested in slug girls.

I am now utterly and wholly interested in slug girls. The Story Ina virus was discovered that caused extensive mutagenic effects in the general population. Terms of Service.James's girlfriend Zoe never thought in a million years that he would fulfill his end of the bet.

James acted like such an alpha male wherever he went, so for him to have a completely girly makeover from head to toe was a far cry from his regular macho appearance. Zoes mouth dropped as her eyes widened seeing James step outside of the salon he had just probably spent the best part of five hours inside it having the full works done to him.

James tilted his head forward slightly and smiled, so Zoe don't you think anyone will recognize me, do you? Instantly Zoe realized that it was James, but not because of his appearance.

Zoe loved seeing how feminine James was now. When Ben and Ryan's Dad left them in the beginning of the summer, their Mum started acting strangely. First Mum wouldn't let us get my hair cut then she started making us wear different clothes and threw out all our old ones. Then Mum started telling Ryan and I to shave our legs, adding that if we didn't, she would do it for us! It wasn't until Mum told Ryan and I a proper girl wears Skirts and dresses, so we stood up for ourselves.

Oh, you'll wear them, said Mum, unless you want some more additional changes, she added, pointing to her crotch. Holly's twin brother Max used to be so horrid he'd bring girls home seemingly every night and never called them back, he was misogynistic and never treated a woman the way she deserved. One night, Holly slipped into Max's room and carefully placed headphones over her ears.

When Holly asked Max to help her pick a dress or shoes, instead of him uninterestedly saying yeah that one then walking back to his room, he would spend upwards of 30 minutes making sure his sisters choices were perfect and matched perfectly. One day, Holly went into Max's room without knocking and was shocked at what she saw. The tape Holly had been playing to Max in his sleep worked too well and now not only was he more feminine, he wanted to be female too.

Anthony had never dated a cheerleader before, so he was eager to do whatever Chloe wanted. When Chloe asked Anthony for some help practicing her routines, he said, of course, that he would be willing to. Then things went bad for Anthony; for him to help her practice, he had to be Chloes dance partner.

That wasn't the worst of it either you see, as Anthony started to do the dance moves that Chloe taught him, his body started to transform little by little, until he became a girl, just like her!

Anthony has breasts now and he is all perky like Chloe, graceful feminine and ready to cheer the team on to victory! Tony it's alright, trust me, his Mum Amy assured, desperate to encourage her son you're doing a fantastic job, Tony.

The phone call had ended like all the rest, begging Tony to stay the course; he had adjusted to another day as Hailey even using the name outside school and using female pronouns so he will get used to them at school, a transfer student attending Somerville Girls School for one reason only: to find out which faculty member was having an affair with her stepdad. Yeah, I've heard Mrs. Turner is a bit of a skank, Heather gossiped, eager to spread her seed of knowledge to the new student but Mrs.

Turners never outside the gym. They're going to need to see something, explained Amy attempting to legitimize her son temporarily, her daughter Hailey's appointment that afternoon for conservative breast implants. Amy's haunting repetition had finally delivered the insane and the leverage in Haileys favor had given her had gone from whimsical to abusive. Now hold still just going to finish your makeup.

Is it really necessary for you to take this much time over my hair and makeup, I'd rather not have any on. I know but youre a girl now and you need to make a good first impression.

I look like some barbie bimbo what will people think! Scotts high school held a lottery every year. Scott wanted to win the lottery so bad it hurt. Scott and Amanda switched names and bodies with several improvements to get them in modeling form and a change to their DNA to fit into the family they were born to before the swap. There was one side effect that Scott and Amanda were not told that by this time next year they will start to get the memory of the person they swapped with.While we've done our best to make the core functionality of this site accessible without javascript, it will work better with it enabled.

Please consider turning it on! Remember Me. We have new magnet and pin thank-you gifts for those who are able to make a donation! A three-part Evangelion work. Shinji gets transformed into a ridiculously busty, Mogudan-sized babe and gets into all kinds of trouble. On a raid Kaien makes a disturbing discovery in a basement, an entirely new species of vampire, one that can be temporarily stabilized with Yang leaves for a far off village after being assigned a new temporary team for the purposes of alternate team building.


She decides that this would be the perfect time to have a little fun with the three boys she's paired with. Bimbofication warning. Many months since all three women had been warped into his sex slaves. And he has his eye on a new candidate…. Canterlot is taken over by Twilight and her desire to spread her newly acquired Bimbo Magic. Bethany Bowson, a beautiful and successful psychologist and working mother, recounts in her diary some recent events as her first year of teaching psychology at her old college comes to an end.

All her students must submit one final project before they can graduate. Little does she suspect that one of her more perverted students has one prepared that will change her life forever!

After the most recent multiverse crisis, there a few leftover elements in places they shouldn't be. And two in particular are going to come after Wonder Woman, and hit her right where it hurts A bday gift for good buddy. Papyrus is disturbed while reading.

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