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Importance of ram naam jaap

Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. People who chant Ram Naam knows miracles of chanting Ram Naam. Ram is not just a name for the oldest civilization it is the base of the human soul. Ram Naam means the name of the higher consciousness. It means Ram Naam leads towards the humanitarian values.

It is the peace-giving cosmic vibration. There are so many benefits of chanting Ram Naam. On this post, we are going to understand the miracles of Ram Naam chanting and how chanting Ram Naam can help us to improve quality of our lives. So the question comes to our mind is that who is Ram? For that, we need to understand True meaning of Ram. Ram is not a religious word, Ram Naam is the spiritual word whose root is connected to the history of the oldest civilization.

Name of Ram is enough to purify your sins and soul. It is just a two literals word Ra-Ma. When these two letters are put together they give the sense of divine consciousness. Hence the name of Rama is Sacred is every possible way. We all know benefits of Mediation and Yoga.

Similarly, Either you believe it or not, Chanting Ram Naam is really beneficial when you are suffering from multiple disorder like anxiety and serious depression. Just for an experiment try to Chant "Aum Namo Bhagvate Vasudevaay " for just 10 mins and see the difference.

Ram Naam - Ram Chanting 108 Times Meditation - राम राम - Lord Hanuman - 108 Chants

Chanting Ram Naam is really a great healerit will help you to come out of animal passion and bad behavior. Sages and gurus around the world are busy in chanting Ram Naam.

importance of ram naam jaap

There is so much we can learn from Lord Rama. So Let's check out the lesson we could learn from Lord Rama and know why Sage Valmiki did the great apotheosis of Shri Ram in Ramayana Lessons to learn from Lord Rama 1- Fulfill your vow - Lord Rama accepted the exile of 14 years to fulfill his father vow.

This is a really wonderful lesson to learn.Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. There are numerous benefits of Chanting Ram Naam. On this post, we are defining how could chanting the name of Lord Rama can improve your life. Chanting Ram Naam helps people to achieve Perennial joy so that they can easily cross the Bhav Sagar.

We request you to please read the whole article to understand it in detail. Introduction Ram Naam Chanting benefits Previously, I wrote this post on 16 October and Google ranked it on top without any promotion.

It is notably exceptional to see that people are liking the content related to Lord Rama and sharing the post content on various social channels like Quora, etc. Therefore, we have decided to enhance the article for everyone, so that everyone could know the importance of Ram Naam Jaap in detail. Without wasting any time, Let's understand what Ram Naam means?

Lord Shiva's name is inseparable from the name of Lord Rama. Omnipotent Shiva admires the qualities of Lord Ramaand Ram praises Shiva as supreme consciousness. They are the Hriday heart and atman soul of my living existence. There is no difference between Shiva and Rama. Therefore, Worshipping anyone means worshipping both lords. What I concluded by adoring both that, the generous benefit of Chanting Ram Naam is that almighty Lord Shiva gets pleased automatically.

Now I follow all the Hanuman Chalisa rules while chanting. That helps me to learn various lessons from Hanuman. It was my curiosity to figure out the spiritual benefits along with the scientific benefits of Ram Naam chanting. It gives the sense of divine consciousness and becomes the name of Lord Rama. The power of Ram Naam Chanting gives the exceptional joy to the human mind and heart. A person who has selfless reverence on him can easily see or observe the presence of Raghu Nandan. Raghu Nandan Another loved name of Shri Rama.

Otherwise, that divine entity is present everywhere, but you wouldn't be able to observe him. He works in a baffling way. Lord Rama message to the world In human avatar lord, Rama gave a very significant message to whole humanity. Always do good Karma and follow the path of righteousness. Have compassion in your heart. Simplicity is the best policy. Be savior of feeble. Respect your Parents, teachers, elders.

The highest authority of cosmic phenomena. The name of Rama is one of the most compelling and positive vibes in this cosmos. We all know very well about the Benefits of Meditation. Chanting or reciting Ram Naam while meditating enhances the benefits of Meditation, phenomenally. Reciting and chanting the Ram Naam in the Meditation unites you with the Supreme sentience. Chanting Ram Naam makes you free from your destructive energy. It develops the constructive energy flow in you.

Chanting Ram Naam gives you peace of mind and helps you to overcome the disorders like anxiety and Depression. Chanting Ram Naam creates a significant vibration on the human body which invokes the part of the subconscious mind by invoking sleeping nerves neurons. It improves your decision-making abilities and makes you more creative.There are enormous benefits of Chanting Ram Naam.

Lord Rama is the one who is everywhere and in everyone but we cannot see him with our open eyes but we can see him with the continuous chanting of Rama Mantra. The above things can be achieved by continuously by worshipping lord Rama and by chanting his name. Rama is Antaryami means — The one who knows everything and who has many names. The highest authority of cosmic phenomena.

Chanting or reciting Ram Naam while meditating enhances the benefits of Meditation, phenomenally. Chanting Ram Naam makes us free from our destructive energy.

It develops the constructive energy flow from us. Chanting Ram Naam gives us peace of mind and helps us to overcome the disorders like anxiety and Depression. Chanting Ram Naam creates a significant vibration on the human body which invokes the part of the subconscious mind by invoking sleeping nerves.

It improves our decision-making abilities and makes us more creative. Ram Naam helps us to overcome bad behaviour and anger problems. The Frequent Chanting of Ram Naam makes us able to come out of penitential sentiments.

Chanting Ram Naam act as an Ayurvedic medicine which heals our emotional pains and sorrows. It also heals us physically like improving our Blood circulation and enhancing our blood purification system. That is the power of Ram Naam that even a dying person can get his life easily back. One of the substantial benefits of Ram Naam Jaap is; it will set us towards the right direction on our life journey.

It will grow the feeling of Compassion, trust, and faith with us which will help us to become a better human being, a better gentleman. There are several benefits of chanting Rama mantra-like, it gives us happiness which means perennial joy. It will improve our body metabolism and reduce catabolism or toxic elements from our body. Lord Hanuman is one of the greatest devotees of Lord Rama. Once he stated that just by reciting or chanting the Ram Naam he gets the cosmic energy.

It makes sense why Lord Hanuman was incredibly so Strong? Maruti reverence for Lord Rama gave him such an unrestricted strength.Yet it is most overlooked and underestimated activity by Hindus.

Young generation and middle aged people invariably fail to recognize the immense benefits of Name Chanting of Ishwar. Most of the young and middle aged generation is busy in earning their livelihoods and think of name chanting as waste of time. People do not have time for daily pooja and mantra chanting is either done absentmindedly or it is not done for long enough to see some real benefits.

Pooja and other regular spiritual activity is out of fashion for young and middle aged Indians now a days. If you like our efforts you may support us by buying some of your monthly rqeuirements from follwing links:. USA: Support us by buying something from this link. India: Support us by buying something from this link.

Miracles of chanting Ram Naam

All the above-mentioned reason can be easily dealt with if the person is a little more proactive and really wants to make some extra effort for pooja though.

The solution has existed for long time for such people. Means: In Kaliyuga people will get liberation just by chanting Name of Ishwar. Lord clearly said that Japa is best among all kind of Yajnas. Lord Krishna has clearly said to Arjuna that. Lord Krishna is himself saying that Japa is best among all kid of spiritual activities.

Specially in Kaliyuga. We have seen many saints and spiritual masters attaining the enlightenment just by Naam jaap. No other fasting or any other sadhana, only Name chanting of Ishwar grants everything. Even if you stay at home, just keep on chanting the name of that Paramabrahma. You will definitely get the results of this.

It is better to make your own house an Ashrama rather then just keep roaming around in Ashrams of Sadhus. With devotion, Without devotion, In clean state, in unclean state, Sitting or walking Just keep on chanting the name of Prabhu. You wills see that this name only will get everything done from you. You will not have to do anything on your own. This is the biggest spiritual tool available to mankind Kaliyuga. Even in Padma puran it is said that name chanting of Lord, whether without devotion is like putting a matchstick to the pile of cotton of sins.

It will burn sins anyways, even if chanted unwillingly or in any kind of state.Gautam Chatterjee. At the feet of Param Guru and Gurudev. The beginning of 'life; has always been enveloped with noise and studded with blasting noise of sound called desire, craving and remaining dis-satisfied always.

The acoustic journey of 'wish of creation', stars with the formation of ears in the mother's womb and sustains through the breathing of life and echoes in the pulsation of heart, nerves and macular system and finally the sound diminishes with 'uncreation' state of death and mortal lifelessness. From here the journey of acoustic phenomena changes its perspective and initiates a neo-frequency traverse in the state of 'Non-creation' Where there is no wish of creation and nothing ends with 'uncreation' and everything remains beyond 'the ought and naught'.

Thus we see acoustic vibration at life-level crosses different sectors of vibrations at the perceivable and experiencing levels. Then life returns to 'uncreation' state which is simple entering into silence which begins the theory of life and vibration. However, 'Uncreation' of acoustic dynamics is not the fullstop of acoustic theory.

Rathers 'uncreation' is simply a punctuation! From here the celestial whirlpool of 'non-creative' acoustic silence begins and perhaps here remains 'Nirguna' Ram which is silence beneath silence and pulsation vanishes and another theory of acoustic called 'Non-creativity' begins with different levels of perceivable frequency and vibrations.

Viswamitterji Maharaj stresses that Japa and Simran should be such that every part of the body be it muscles, nerves and brain should be able to utter 'Ram Ram' is very involuntary fashion.

Let we try to understand how it can happen? While counting beads 'Ram Ram' remians in our throat and even creates a vibration in our tongues and then lips quiver and utterance appears. Similarly, sound at inaudible level in the state of simran and japa starts an inward journey. Here Dr. Viswamitterji Maharaj tells us not to show your chanting to others at social level rather one should show it to Sri Ram Himself and tell Him that you are taking His name and Showing Him as well.

Now the question comes how do you tell this to Sri Ram! The answer is simple Swamiji Maharaj told us Sri Ram! Now to reach out to Sri Ram one has to approach to the 'self' within, which means one has to initiate a journey inward.I was searching for some songs in computer when I came across one of my folder where I had saved my Sai Naam Jaap write up. Sairam, I really liked this articleBaba is asking me to as if repeat HIS name continuously, but how to concentrate with all the worldly things and affairs, please suggest a remedy.

Sairam Rashu. Start Naam Jaap and in no time you can make your first step in rejection of worldly pleasures. Have any question? Feel free to ask. About Contact. Share Author: Manisha. Bisht on PM. In this seva staunch sai bhakt Shri D. He would send me write up and direction on what all should be mentioned for Sai Naam Jaap so that more and more devotees can benefit from Sai Naam Jaap.

This was a very important topic and could not be neglected or ignored for some other time so I started my write up there and than. Here few of the points are written as it is as Shri D. Shankariah ji had mailed me ,all the golden points mentioned here are for benefit of Sai Bhakts and one must try to follow it after reading.

importance of ram naam jaap

We all in our own small way try to chant sacred name of our Lord Sai. In our rough time, in our tough times or in our good time the name of Lord is with us always. If you did that all your shackles would be removed and you would be free. And what a Sai Incident today when I randomly opened Sai Satcharitra for sending Thursday message to Sai groups 13th Chapter opened where Baba's saying which is mentioned here is given. The Lord Himself has settled the nature of His Worship for every age.

Chanting of His Holy name is the prescribed sadhana for the present age. Raghava Chaitanya,author of the book "Divine Name " hasmentioned the following facts useful to everyone. The Holy Name is the Divine medicine to save us from the chronic disease of worldliness.

The Divine Name is the most powerful remedy for delivering one from the sinister influences of Infatuation and ignorance. Taking recourse to constant chanting of the Divine Name one becomes eligible for the grace of the Lord.

importance of ram naam jaap

The Divine medicine strikes at the very root of a terrible suffering of this repeated cycle of birth and Death. The Holy Name is not a mere composition of Sanskrit alphabets, It is pregnant with many mystic potentialities.Revelation of the mystery of all Vedic-Scriptures. The Param-mantra is very short, yet controls even Brahma, Vishnu, and Mahesha. All the names of Bhagavan Vishnu, each of them, is greater than all the gods.

And Tattvagya Maharshis who have realised the truth, they have accepted the name Rama is the best supreme among all the names of Bhagavan. The same thing is again reiterated after telling it supreme [varam] among all names of Bhagavan, that it is greater [adhikam] than all the mantras.

On the account of it being Parabrahm itself in form of divine eternal Vaak wordall other divine names appear from it and get the supreme glory.

Being Parambrahman itself and the supreme seed of everything, It is all encompassing entity, therefore all Vedas and innumerable Bhagavannamas, Mantras etc are present inside all encompassing Rama Nama. B Sri Ram Naam is told to be illuminator of all names of Lord Shri Hari, It is the great moon and other names are like stars, both moon and stars simultaneously adorn the sky and make it look beautiful, however the light coming from moon is more than enough in comarison to the lights coming together from so many stars, theexistence of other names adorns Bhagavan that he has infinite beautiful names.

Thus, One Rama Naam is equal to billion times any Mantra devoted to any other god or deity. There are infinite names of Bhagavan, but none is comparable to Sri Rama Naam.

10 Benefits of Chanting Ram Naam

O Arjuna, My words are verily true, true and true alone. He Lord Shiva has not paid any attention to any other means or Mantra for the salvation. Lord Shiva doesn't pay any attention to any other means or Mantra for the liberation. Lord Shiva is Jagadguru supreme spiritual preceptor for one and all and the bestest Vaishnava-devotee, He truly knows what is the best in Vedas and Puranas. A tiny goad governs the mightiest and most furious elephant. How and why to chant Rama Naam?

When it is chanted, the soul is easily connected with the Supreme transcendental vibration of Rama Naam and one experiences its presence in every particle of the universe. One may constantly repeat the seed mantra with unison of breath. Shruti says It is better to leave many words and chant and meditate upon Lord with the seed-mantra, with one transcendental-vibration.

He should not think of too many words, for it is particularly fatiguing to the organ of speech. Here Bhagavati Shruti tells while nididhyasan one should think about Bhagavan with few words only? Therefore, it is preferable to do Japa also with a short mantra if nama-smaran, then of one or two or three namas for Japa to completely dissolve the mind into it. While doing singing, one can sing long mantras, with many nama-s, stotras etc. While inhaling the breath say feel "Ra" and while exhaling the breath say "Ma", this is automatic process and need not to be followed by making some extra effort.

If one will continuously chant "Rama" Naam, then after sometime it will be automatically aligned in one's breathing process.

Dharma and various religions Sanatan Dharma for all.

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